Donation FAQ

Do you make your financial information available to the public?

Yes. See Governing and Financial Documents page.

How much of my donation is actually used to provide meals for those in need?

Because of Kids Against Hunger’s volunteer-driven program, very little of your contribution is used for administrative and fundraising overhead expenses. In 2016, 94% of your contribution went directly towards our three programs:
a) Food packaging by volunteers,
b) Development and support of food packaging centers, and
c) Food distribution and relationship-building with feeding partners,
2% of contributions was used for fundraising efforts (Kids Against Hunger is funded solely through the generosity of our donors), and the remaining 4% went towards general and administrative expenses.

Is my donation to Kids Against Hunger tax deductible?

Yes. Kids Against Hunger has been recognized by the State of Nebraska on a state-level and by the Internal Revenue Service on a federal level as being tax exempt (under section 501c3 of the Internal Revenue Code) and is approved for tax deductible donations.

What is Kids Against Hunger’s privacy policy?

See Governing and Financial Documents page.