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Package Meals All Around the USA, Canada, and the Middle East at One of Our Satellite Locations

The unplanned, but very real beneficiaries of Kids Against Hunger are the volunteers who package the food. The manual food packaging process not only feeds many children and families, it also brings satisfaction and deep engagement to the volunteers who package it. For most volunteers, it is the ultimate hands-on contribution that, because of its simplicity, individuals from age 8 to 80 can perform. Volunteers from all walks of life and society: schools, churches, civic, scouting troops, neighborhood kids and families package the food for distribution to starving people all over the world.

Volunteer opportunities and hours of operation vary from one Kids Against Hunger location to the next. Please visit the Locations section of this web site to find the locations nearest you and send your volunteer inquiry directly to that satellite.

Host An Event

Hosting an Event with Kids Against Hunger is simple. Our mobile team will come to you.

Where Can You Host an Event?

  • Schools
  • Corporation Events
  • Places of Worship
  • Community Center
  • And many more…

For more information about logistics, volunteers, costs, and other questions you may have please contact the location(s) nearest you to find out their specific guidelines and pricing for hosting an event.

Click here to find a location near you.

To contact our Corporate Office click here.

Start A Satellite

What is a KAH Satellite?

It is an independent, 501c3 group that brings corporations, churches, schools and civic groups together to pack highly nutritious food that fights hunger.
Is it hard work? YES! Is it worth it? Absolutely!!!
As a satellite, you will become a part of the largest hunger fighting food packing network in the world! You will be a part of a family of 45+ satellites in the US and Canada. We help you do what it takes to become successful.

Why would you start a satellite?

Do you want to help end the death of innocent children from starvation?
Does your church or group you belong to already have someone in the world they are already helping already? Do you help a village in another part of the world? Having a KAH satellite will help you multiply your ability to help them and recruit people in your town to help you.
Do you want a way that you can actually make a difference in the lives of families around the world and around the corner?
Call our office at 866-654-0202 or contact us through our online form. Let’s talk about the next step to becoming a warrior in the fight against hunger.