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February 15, 2020

Kids Against Hunger ships thousands of meals to provide emergency aid to victims of natural disasters in the United States. One bag of our Latin Rice (our domestic food product) provides 18 vitamins and minerals and 9 amino acids that can serve up to six people with just 6 cups of boiling water.

We are responding to the devastation of Hurricane Harvey, a once category 4 storm that rampaged the coast of Texas, by working to raise funds to get our food to those affected, as well as sending volunteers to deliver the packages to food banks and evacuation centers.

Hurricane Harvey came ashore on Friday, August 25, hitting the coastal town of Rockport, which has now suffered considerable damage and at least one fatality.

Houston, the fourth largest city in the United States, is now enduring more than three feet of rain. The city is largely under water, with the potential of rains lasting four to five more days. Two people have reportedly drowned, while 2,000 have been rescued — most of whom were saved from their rooftops.

At least five people have been killed with dozens more suffering injuries. Houston did not order evacuations before the storm, unlike most cities in the path of destruction, and countless residents were trapped in their homes.

While Hurricane Harvey is now being classified as a tropical storm, catastrophic flooding still threatens millions of lives. It’s possible the storm could continue for several more days, with a potential of 50 inches of rain in some areas. Estimates say about 11 trillion gallons of water have engulfed the area, with that number steadily increasing.

Southwest Texas remains under a flash flood watch until Tuesday. So far about 300,000 are without power across the state. Experts say affected locations could be uninhabitable for weeks to even months.

Governor Abbott has activated the entire 12,000-member Texas National Guard to respond to this disaster. The city of Dallas has three evacuation centers ready for use by those escaping the flood. At the request of the Governor, President Donald Trump earlier signed an emergency disaster declaration for parts of Texas. The President is expected to travel to Texas on Tuesday.

With record floodwaters in southeast Texas, more than 450,000 are expected  to seek federal aid in recovering. The agency also estimates about 30,000 people will seek emergency shelter, and that federal aid will be needed for years.


You can help us get food to the victims of Hurricane Harvey, click here to make a donation.

You can now also make a donation through texting!

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