COVID-19 Business Continuity

While we are living in a time where the unknown and the invisible can lead to so much uncertainty. We are also living in a time when the reality of hunger is still known and certain for children and families all around the planet. As you are aware the spread of COVID-19 has caused millions and millions of people to stay at home for a large percentage of our planet. All of us can remember the grocery store shelves we saw our own eyes recently. Even though most Americans still had food at home, the thought and sight of empty shelves really caused a panic around the United States. We came to appreciate the supply chain when within a couple of days the shelves were restocked.

At Kids Against Hunger, we are a major part of the supply chain that provides food for children’s homes, feeding centers and feeding programs around the globe. Due to COVID-19 we have had to cancel dozens of MealPack events around the nation which will in turn dramatically slow our ability to send food to our distribution partners who will soon be seeing empty shelves too.

We want to encourage you that our Kids Against Hunger network is committed to feeding children and families around the world. Despite our events being cancelled around the nation, our network is exploring new ways we can continue serving the children and families in need. While current events have been cancelled for now, we ask you to continue to fundraise and get ready to package meals when we get the green light. You play a critical role in the supply chain of providing food to children and families around the planet.

We ask you to continue to support our work and the efforts of our satellite network during this time. Please consider donating here or support a Kids Against Hunger satellite in your local area.

Every One Counts!